When Loneliness Struck Me…

Who thought that this time would come? A time when all of a sudden the only people who kept you company abandon you to your own ugly fate. When silence slows down time to microseconds you can’t catch up to. When your left to continue your only pass time…introspection.
I began writing this paragraph/journal or whatever you would like to call this, in the midst of my noisy classroom. Looking at everyone engaged in group talk, I felt the sudden urge to blog, but all I had was a pen and a notebook to note down my thoughts. I could feel the pangs of loneliness seep deep into me. Makes me realise that even after 2 years in a class of strangers, I still feel like nothing less than a stranger. The struggle to ‘fit in’ seems unending. Should I give up? They said “never give up, no matter what”. But they never gave any inspiring instructions in double quotes as to what to do when all struggle leads to glorious failure.
I apologize for ending “whatever you’d like to call this” abruptly but I’ve finally got someone to talk to. Yet deep down in my heart loneliness lurks like a lost soul desperate to find it’d way to heaven ; if I could just map my way to happiness…

Have a great day! 😁

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