Have I Lived?

As the year’s end approaches, I see the new year resolution rampage beginning. Everyone’s looking for something to live up to in the coming year. But as the convention goes, they end up living up to none of their simple resolutions.

But today, I think, keeping aside living up to something, have I really lived? Did I really do anything I don’t regret? Counting down the list of things in my head, I seem to have more things I regret doing than not. And to he honest, this is the first year I’ve got this feeling. The worst regret is, not studying enough. From the beginning of my academic year, I’ve had 4 exams and in all I under-performed. But under-performing is not the thing that pricks. Knowing that I have the potential to be a topper in all the subjects and yet under-performing is what kills. And the cause for this miserable performance is, an issue many teenagers of my age face and that is, relationships. But then again, since nothing is so simple in this world, while others were facing problems being in a relationship, I faced a problem of not being in one. the girl I loved (and still love), is my best friend. And that’s when things got really complicated. It’s a long story I’m not prepared to share…yet.

2014 taught me one thing, there are some things worth letting go of . In order to ‘live’ you’ve got to let go of the things that aren’t letting you do so. Me, one entire year I didn’t let go and it got me ending up half MAD. If you ever need a detailed definition of the word ‘obsession’, feel free to ask me. This really sucked out all the joy out of my year – 2014.

We all think we’ve got people and things to live up to every year, every day, every moment of our lives. But I tell you most solemnly, think again.

#HappyNewYear =D



    1. Yes I’ve been doing much better these days…tried to live the life of ‘simplicity’ (you may understand that from my recent post). Thanks for asking 🙂
      I’ll try to give out as much insight of my life as possible in the best possible way 🙂


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