2 Sights…

On a scale of 1 – 10 how simple would you rate life?
My vote – 10/10
Most individuals have a complex ideology of life and it’s ways. Their theories prove that life is too complex to be understood. Too complex to rough things out. What they failed to see is that, life has its own simplicity in its complexity. The bottom line is how you perceive the matter. Let’s take every situation in life to have just two views. One – simplicity and two – complexity. Simplicity is the path that usually begins with logical thinking. The path that doesn’t really require much emotional ‘re-thinking’ and just involves going with the flow. Yes, as simple as that. Such a path leads to little or no regrets in the future because it’s, after all, also as some like to call it doing the will of God. So what’s complexity? It’s the exact opposite of the will of God. Complex situations are created and never happen on their own. Look closely into your past and you a see a series of self-created complexities. We blame the opposite person for our screw-ups, but on close examination you begin noticing your oh-so-insignificant blunders that led to your present ruin. Then your biggest punishment – regret. Which leads to a bigger one – guilt. And trust me, guilt kills. Stabs you deep down in your heart even in your happiest moments.
But! As a wise man once said – where there is a will there is a way. Certainly there is a way, but not a complete guarantee to happiness. But…whatever works right? First things first, identify your screw-ups. Then classify all the tragic memories of the past into parts. And now the most interesting of all, considering life a book series, name each part like your naming your books. You’ve written your own history after all! Just consider all these books as a series that flopped before you actually published them. Now all you need to do is begin anew. Live each day as it comes without trying to add your own complex ideology expecting things to get interesting.
Today everyone’s caught in their own complexities. Something really common. Simplicity is a path untrodden. Well it’s time for some real adventure then. So pick up the pen and start writing a logically bright future. A future with no regrets. And most importantly a future with happiness.


  1. For me it all depends from circumstances. If you live in a nice country, have reasonable health, enough to live and good friends life can be nice, but if one lives in a place like Syria or Iraq at the moment life is like hell.

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