What if religious history was rewritten…

Note : This article is by no means against any religious beliefs. I have written this from my own perspective.

“It doesn’t matter how religious you are, logic is something that defies all religious laws”
– Logical Me

When God created the world, he made man ‘in his image’. He gave man ‘wisdom’. It all sounds really amazing without the apostrophes. Now, the apostrophes make you think. Think of what?

God made us the most intelligent creatures on this planet. The most intellectual. The most balanced creatures. But, there was a catch to all these free privileges i.e. incomplete wisdom. If God gave us the complete 100% wisdom, we would have all been good – all perfect with no flaws, because apparently we are all like God. Then why are we not?

Imagine a world where everyone was good. Evil never existed. There’d be no suffering. No suffering implying no need for help. No need for help implying no prayers. No prayers implying no God. Why do we have a forgiving God? Why does forgiveness even exist? If God wished he could, with a snap of his finger eradicate evil from the world but he did not do that. Why? He’d then be non existent to us. After all who likes to be a loner?

Now let me take you into a whole new kind of hypothetical situation. What if Jesus never died? Accepted God sent Jesus, his only son to die for our sins. But have we really repented? Who is he going to send next? Why won’t judgement day ever happen? What’s God waiting for? More sacrifices, more innocent children, babies, brainwashed teens and young adults laying down their lives in the name of sacrifice and God is a so called forgiving and merciful God? Coming back to Jesus, if he never died and the people accepted him, Christianity would never exist. At the same time speaking for God, it doesn’t really matter if Christianity exists or no because all God wanted when he created Adam and Eve was that humans be good and ‘obedient’ people. Why did he even put an apple tree when he did not want them to touch it? But as time passed on humans began creating their own beliefs and how do we know which one to believe? The most logical solution is not to believe in any. Believe in yourself.

Religion is a topic forever debatable, until the day God himself comes down to me to explain this mystery. God, I hope you’re reading this…


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