What if God = Good + Evil?

The title is just a thought. A thought that has been bothering me for quite a long time now. Do not for a second think that I am writing this as an atheist. God has given us the power of reasoning and I see it just to use that power to reason anything and everything. If questioning God is offensive then I don’t consider the freedom of choice that has been granted to us – real freedom.

When I began pondering on this thought, I wondered, “am I too crazy to think of such an atrocious possibility?”. Then eventually I began asking people what they thought about it. 90% of the reactions made me question my existence. They gave me the “are-you-alright?” face. Many people think that these thoughts have come up either because I’ve got something against God or that something really tragic has happened in my life and I’ve turned atheist. These reasons were too cliché for me. I just love to think and reason out things logically and see no crime in that. [Oh! And before I go forth with my thoughts and opinions I just want to tell my readers to not go further if they are too sentimental for religious reasoning because I don’t want you to barge up to my doorstep and kill me, to be blunt (P.S. I live in India where freedom of speech is mere words)]

Now, coming back to the point, why did such a question arise in my mind in the first place? The society from time immemorial has been conditioned to believe that God is good all the time (there’s even a hymn in the Catholic church with the exact words) and anything bad that happens is our fault. Poor karma takes the blame for anything bad that happens. When God created us, he created us in his image. Under the disguise of choice, he allowed sin. Putting this into an equation,

Humans = Good + Evil

God = Good +  Evil  Divinity

implies that God gave himself no other choice but to be good. Would you rather prefer the privilege of choice and commit sins, extending to mortal sins, than no choice and remain good without sins and deaths? When we ask God for a petition, do we give him a choice of either doing it or not? No, we assume that he’d obviously only do the right thing because God has portrayed himself never to have evil as a choice. The question that now arises in our minds is why has God done this? It’s all because of God’s strategic plan. If God wished, with the blink of an eye, could have wiped away sin from the world. But if he did that, there would be no sin and no sin would mean no one would face any kind of suffering and no suffering would mean no more prayers and no more prayers would imply God getting forgotten and of course, who wants to be a loner?  This would make God really narcissistic, an attention seeker. But who would even dream of associating such terms with someone like God? But that is what I want my readers to think. To ponder on socially unthinkable ideas. Because anything is possible. There is no definite answer to God’s existence and till that answer arrives, we can continue to have such vague and unique and possible assumptions.


Have a great day 😀




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