Aristotle’s Golden Mean – the working solution to life…

Aristotle’s Golden Mean is the midpoint (or the desirable) between two extremes – one of excess and one of deficiency. Most of us live life to the extreme. But as the doc says – do everything in moderation and not extreme. Have fun, but in moderation, work, but in moderation, love, but in moderation,  hate, but in…no wait, don’t hate!

I learnt the concept of moderation the hard way. The way that broke me from within, making me so cold hearted – blinded by the concept of logic > emotions, when in fact, logic and emotions are equally required to live a emotionally and logically happy life. I failed to recognize the joys of living an emotional, sometimes a little less logical life. I forgot the meaning of true fun. I longed for a hearty laugh. I was so caught up with work, work and work, that work became an excuse to stay away from  fun and from family and friends. I began prioritizing stuff so much that I forgot that sometimes people could not be prioritized. Solitary confinement after college hours was so satisfying. It was like I needed no human interaction whatsoever to fulfill my social needs. But how long could I let this go on? How long could I let this happen in the name of ‘logic > emotions‘ work out for me? I was just 18 and I wasn’t even living my life, I was surviving. Survival is something grown-ups do. Its something you do when you have nothing and no one  left but yourself. I had so many friends but I kept the barrier. The barrier that didn’t let any friend become a close friend. But who was I kidding? I obviously needed someone close. Was it my roommate? Was it her (my girlfriend)? Was it some other special people who were ever ready to help? Who was it? There are so many more people I can list out who, when I come to think of it, have helped me a great deal – something only a best friend would do. Eventually it hit me that a few special people were in fact my best friends. If not, they wouldn’t go out of their way to help me. Especially one, lil nutty and annoying guy :P, but he’s probably the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Moving on, the feeling of insecurity that I constantly buried with piles of logical sh*t, finally came out. But this time I had to face it. My greatest insecurity is of losing her. To what? or whom? That’s a different question altogether. But then again, I had to let go of this insecurity because it went to the extreme and it got annoying for me more than her.

And then came the extremity  of my views on religion. I wandered off on a path so far away where in I started questioning if God was bad. Its true that God gave us the power of reasoning and it was for a reason too. The element of curiosity is what has lead our world to be so developed – to explore new possibilities every second. But there’s a golden mean to reasoning and questioning too. I realized that I was question God, with no base. Like I knew the entire Bible by heart, like even if I knew it, did I understand it? I also realized that this whole episode of questioning God was taking me nowhere and instead getting me into more depression because I was getting no answers either. I then decided to go back to who I was – the person who followed God fervently like any other regular happy human being.

There’s a lot more that has changed and I believe its all for the best. But the point now is that I am happy. That’s what was missing – happiness and to finally find it is probably the best feeling in the world, along with spending time with her of course 😉

Have a nice day! 😀



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