The Legacy Of TK Marg…


Tekandas Kataria Marg is one of the most happening streets I’ve encountered in Mumbai. Whether it’s break of day or nightfall it’s got a life of its own. Cultural harmony is omnipresent with people from various walks of life coming and going to earn a living for themselves. Everyone’s got their schedule on point right from the flower lady getting the garlands ready for the morning temple prayers to the food stalls that open up in the evening during the work hour rush. The routine in itself is fascinating to observe. The tiniest of details for example the dog cuddled up in front of a parked car –you’ll find it there in the very same spot every morning without fail. The street also depicts an atmosphere of animal and human harmony. It has some really old buildings like Dalmia Building – built in 1918 which will be replaced by new construction sooner or later. ‘Artifacts’ like the letter box that almost no one uses anymore still stand strong on the sidewalks beckoning for people to use them. Technology has left a lot of services like the postal paralyzed. But some things like restaurant delivery still happen on bicycles. The street vendor sleeping on the street shows how carefree her life must be having a sound sleep in spite of the loud environment, which just comes to show how the people of this city have learnt to accept their fate in this unending noise pollution. There are a couple of cows at both ends of the street next to two temples that people very reverently take blessings from. The road finally leads up to the Matunga flyover which connects the famous Matunga Road Station and has also a created a connection to many other places like Kurla, Sion, Dharavi etc. The station is bustling with people at peak hours showing the extent of urbanization. The street today has gotten its importance due to it being a connecting route to many prominent places like Hinduja Hospital, David Sassoon Children’s School and newly opened Big Bazaar. It’s filled with restaurants of different cuisines all to suit the taste and budget of the crowd. Unlike every other story that comes to an end, this one has none, because every day is a new beginning. People will live and die, but the legacy of Tekandas Kataria Marg will love on…

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