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On a scale of 1 – 10 how simple would you rate life?
My vote – 10/10
Most individuals have a complex ideology of life and it’s ways. Their theories prove that life is too complex to be understood. Too complex to rough things out. What they failed to see is that, life has its own simplicity in its complexity. The bottom line is how you perceive the matter. Let’s take every situation in life to have just two views. One – simplicity and two – complexity. Simplicity is the path that usually begins with logical thinking. The path that doesn’t really require much emotional ‘re-thinking’ and just involves going with the flow. Yes, as simple as that. Such a path leads to little or no regrets in the future because it’s, after all, also as some like to call it doing the will of God. So what’s complexity? It’s the exact opposite of the will of God. Complex situations are created and never happen on their own. Look closely into your past and you a see a series of self-created complexities. We blame the opposite person for our screw-ups, but on close examination you begin noticing your oh-so-insignificant blunders that led to your present ruin. Then your biggest punishment – regret. Which leads to a bigger one – guilt. And trust me, guilt kills. Stabs you deep down in your heart even in your happiest moments.
But! As a wise man once said – where there is a will there is a way. Certainly there is a way, but not a complete guarantee to happiness. But…whatever works right? First things first, identify your screw-ups. Then classify all the tragic memories of the past into parts. And now the most interesting of all, considering life a book series, name each part like your naming your books. You’ve written your own history after all! Just consider all these books as a series that flopped before you actually published them. Now all you need to do is begin anew. Live each day as it comes without trying to add your own complex ideology expecting things to get interesting.
Today everyone’s caught in their own complexities. Something really common. Simplicity is a path untrodden. Well it’s time for some real adventure then. So pick up the pen and start writing a logically bright future. A future with no regrets. And most importantly a future with happiness.

Have I Lived?

As the year’s end approaches, I see the new year resolution rampage beginning. Everyone’s looking for something to live up to in the coming year. But as the convention goes, they end up living up to none of their simple resolutions.

But today, I think, keeping aside living up to something, have I really lived? Did I really do anything I don’t regret? Counting down the list of things in my head, I seem to have more things I regret doing than not. And to he honest, this is the first year I’ve got this feeling. The worst regret is, not studying enough. From the beginning of my academic year, I’ve had 4 exams and in all I under-performed. But under-performing is not the thing that pricks. Knowing that I have the potential to be a topper in all the subjects and yet under-performing is what kills. And the cause for this miserable performance is, an issue many teenagers of my age face and that is, relationships. But then again, since nothing is so simple in this world, while others were facing problems being in a relationship, I faced a problem of notย being in one. the girl I loved (and still love), is my best friend. And that’s when things got really complicated. It’s a long story I’m not prepared to share…yet.

2014 taught me one thing, there are some things worth letting go ofย . In order to ‘live’ you’ve got to let go of the things that aren’t letting you do so. Me, one entire year I didn’t let go and it got me ending up half MAD. If you ever need a detailed definition of the word ‘obsession’, feel free to ask me. This really sucked out all the joy out of my year – 2014.

We all think we’ve got people and things to live up to every year, every day, every moment of our lives. But I tell you most solemnly, think again.

#HappyNewYear =D

When Loneliness Struck Me…

Who thought that this time would come? A time when all of a sudden the only people who kept you company abandon you to your own ugly fate. When silence slows down time to microseconds you can’t catch up to. When your left to continue your only pass time…introspection.
I began writing this paragraph/journal or whatever you would like to call this, in the midst of my noisy classroom. Looking at everyone engaged in group talk, I felt the sudden urge to blog, but all I had was a pen and a notebook to note down my thoughts. I could feel the pangs of loneliness seep deep into me. Makes me realise that even after 2 years in a class of strangers, I still feel like nothing less than a stranger. The struggle to ‘fit in’ seems unending. Should I give up? They said “never give up, no matter what”. But they never gave any inspiring instructions in double quotes as to what to do when all struggle leads to glorious failure.
I apologize for ending “whatever you’d like to call this” abruptly but I’ve finally got someone to talk to. Yet deep down in my heart loneliness lurks like a lost soul desperate to find it’d way to heaven ; if I could just map my way to happiness…

Have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜

A life worth living..

What do you think of life? Some think of it as “Make the best of it man!!”…or some would be like “why did God waste his time on me?” Well it all depends on, from what perspective you look at life from. Life is not just to make the best of it “yourself”. There is a saying “A true life lived is a one lived for others”. Don’t ask me who’s qoute is it. Because frankly and most truthfully, I made it up.
Everyone on earth is born with a purpose. By any chance, remember the great saying, “I’m of no use to planet Earth”? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Often heard when you fail to do something you were so confident of. But I’m not saying everyone has got to be perfect. You’ve just got to try. And if you fail don’t go back to square 1…”oh! I’m useless!!”. Instead be positive and take it as a lesson. Try and improve your skills ( that we more often fail to do ).
A fact of life : “We are born with joy and die in sorrow”. And once again I made that up. Life is a race…3..2…1…GO!! And your life starts!! Your whole you lifetime is spent running after this materialistic world. For some its fame, some prefer ‘cash’, some just want peace, some don’t really like to look at others in peace and, some just wait their entire life to rest in iternal peace. Life can be compared to so many things irrelevant to our ‘clever’ minds. Well, I’ve got alot of things in mind to relate. Some of them would be snow, a pencil,the days of a week etc. My favourite among these is when life is compared to the days of a week. ‘Sunday’ the first day of the week we are fully charged all set for a week of sweat and pain ( pain in some cases), just like the inception of our life. Then as the week and ofcourse our life too goes on, we experience some hardships and obstacles in our path. But just facing these hardships does not prove anything. Overcoming them is the real success. Then finally comes the end of the week and our life, when we are too tired to do anything and all we want to do is ‘rest in peace’.
All in all life is like a plane. You’ve ย got to be accurate with your speed and time, with a positive destination. Live life to the fullest and don’t forget life is God’s gift to mankind, every gift is meant to be shared.

Have a great day! Spread the love! ๐Ÿ˜

Successful Illusions To My Heart

Note: this is a sequel to my previous article “Illusions to My Heart”. Please do read that to know exactly what I’m talking about over here. (I’m no YouTuber, but it’s just for your information.)

Let me begin by congratulating my brain on graduating to become a professional illusionist to my heart! Yes, I’m successfully over my depression. That guilty feeling that keeps poking my heart. It’s finally gone. My brilliant brain mastered it in just two days (I wonder where it’s skills were for the past two years). Of course I can’t tell you how it managed to do so, since it’s a part of some of your life’s fruitful experiences, that you shall learn through experience only. I’m not being mean here, it’s just that something’s need to be learnt by yourself.
What I do want to share with you is the changes that ‘successful illusions to your heart’ will bring in your life. Firstly, it made my heart lighter. The last thing you want in your life is, walking around with a heavy heart ; full of troubles and burdens that you’ve taken unnecessarily. The heart is like an entire human body. The more you eat, the fatter you get, the heavier you get, more burdensome it gets to move around. Your heart works in the same way ; the more troubles and burdens you stuff up in your heart, the heavier it gets to carry it around. The next thing that changed in me is that I now see a a much wider world out there! At first it felt like my thoughts and my world were just limited to one thing. Now, I see this open world where life is actually worth living for. And lastly it brought me great happiness. I started seeing happiness in every little thing around me. Things that I hadn’t thought of before.
What more would you want in life when you’ve got happiness within you. The feeling that you can do anything and opportunities are awaiting your return with open arms.
My brain successfully conquered the thoughts of my heart and, for some reason it feels good. I know that I’ve made the right decision. I know that I will not have any regrets about this in the future, and there is no looking back.

Have a great day! Spread the love ! ๐Ÿ˜

Illusions to my Heart

There come times in your life when you regret the decisions you’ve taken with your heart. The emotional ones. The ones that require not logical but emotional thinking skills. These skills are mastered not by your brain but in the course of time, learnt by your heart.
It’s natural, yet something we don’t want happening naturally. After regretting such decisions, some people blame their luck, blame destiny, and the blame game goes on. Very few do something to correct their mistakes. Those who do, become illusionists to their hearts (that’s what I’ve become). Magic is an art. So is mastering how to fool your heart into believing something false an art.
The moment you realize that your stupid heart took the wrong decision, and you’ve got no one to blame, your cunning mind starts doing it’s tricks. The mind forces your heart to think that whatever happened, happened for the best and what’s gone is gone. But of course in reality you haven’t lost the game yet.
I’ve got a deep crush on someone. All of a sudden, half way to heaven, my brain calls out to tell me I’ve taken the wrong decision. That’s she’s not the one. But my heart is too weak to give up now that I’ve come so far. That’s when my brain snaps it’s finger at my heart and in a second I’m in an illusion that she is the wrong one. She definitely doesn’t deserve me. Whatever happened, happened for the best. But then hey, I still know that I’ve been made to think all this. That’s when it’s upto me to chose what to follow. Heart or brain. And yes, obviously I’ve been choosing my heart over brain all these years, having the regular dose of regrets and stuff.
Such are the magical things that happen within your body. Petty arguments that take place without you noticing. You can’t see them arguing, but next time you have to take such an emotional decision, imagine your body as a stage, your brain and heart performing, you are the audience. Take a bowl of popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜


Love, according to me is the most powerful word in the whole of humanity. It is to simply do good for someone else without having to think of what you’re gaining for that. Well that’s also being generous. But how would a person be generous? By showing some love. It all comes down to love. Why do you honor your parents? Not because the Bible said so. It’s because you love them. Why do I blog? It’s because I love to blog.

Love is something I cannot comment on. Who am I to do so? When famous artists (yes, “artists”, because I don’t remember specific names and I was never great at history), leaders, patriots, psychologists and religious have spoken their part, who am I to bring in my own interpretation into play? But since I’m from India and India is a free country, I have the freedom of speech that I cannot be denied. Thus, love is life. Some people say love is complex. Just like all things in life, it’s up to you to make things simple. Loving someone within your family is simple. Things begin to get complex once your heart is with someone else. Yes, the love of your life!
That’s when love starts to become the wealth of the few. The concept of relationship statuses changing to “it’s complicated” start appearing on Facebook. That’s when the dark cloud of depression hovers over you and the misconceptions of love start brainwashing you.
What most people fail to realize is that, love doesn’t come alone. It comes along with faith and understanding. Loving God for example. Such a relationship has it’s terms and conditions too. There needs to exist a sense of faith and understanding between you two. If you don’t have faith, God is not going to sit by your side performing miracles just like that and if you lack the understanding of God’s works, then again you are bound to misunderstand him and your relationship breaks up. The same way, humans relationships are built with trust and understanding. Once any one of these is broken, it’s usually tough to bring back the relationship.

Gosh, I feel like a love guru all of a sudden! No, it’s basically simple and easy. Trust your heart when it comes to decisions regarding love, and your brain when it comes to decisions regarding whether or not I should get paid for this advice.

Have a Great Day and Spread the Love!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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